Drop In


We love having visitors from affiliates across the country and around the world. It is always enjoyable to meet new people who share our passion for CrossFit.

Here’s how to Drop-In at CrossFit The Rack:

1. Please have your affiliate contact us to confirm your CrossFit experience before you plan to drop in.

2. Click the button below to download our app and schedule your Drop-In.

*The drop-in price is $25 per class. If you are going to be around for a couple of workouts we will arrange a solution for you.

If you’ll be here for a while it may be more economical to buy a pack of ten classes or purchase a short term membership. We can discuss those details with you at any time.

3. If you are local and don’t have experience with CrossFit (worked out at an affiliate for an extended period of time 6 months or more) sign up for a free one-on-one Introductory Session by clicking the button below: