Aerobic Capacity WOD #6

So we are going to try something new here at CFTR. We are going to switch from a weekly Bro Session to a weekly Aerobic Capacity Workout. 

These aerobic capacity workouts will be specifically designed to develop your aerobic metabolism and energy systems. This in turn will contribute to shedding those extra unwanted calories (especially around the holidays) while also contributing to your longevity. 

These workouts will be light to moderate in intensity and will focus on lower skill level exercises making them perfect for any fitness level. These workouts will focus on quality of movement and will incorporate an emphasis on “perfect” repetitions. Finally, these workouts will be longer in duration and will highlight consistency in execution and pacing. 

We subsequently encourage everyone to feel free to bring a friend, family member, loved one or anyone you know might be interested in working out with you. These workouts will be open to everyone, member and non-member alike.

WOD #6:

45 Minute EMOM

Minute 1 = 20 Push-ups

Minute 2 = 10 T2B

Minute 3 = 50 Double Unders

Minute 4 = 30 Air Squats

Minute 5 = 30 second KB OH Hold

*scale the volume and movements as needed

**KB OH Hold is double arm

WOD DATE AND TIME: Saturday 1/18 and/or 1/19 during Open Gym (7am – 11am).