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Our Approach to Fitness

We realize that we don't have cookie-cutter members. While CrossFit offers an amazing way to build a base-layer of general fitness, we've found that people have different fitness preferences and goals they want to achieve. Our classes enable each of our members to work on their overall fitness as well as their own specific fitness goals. We do this by starting the class with the traditional warmup and CrossFit workout, and after that we have different routes that our members can take - whether it be olympic weightlifting, gymnastic skill, sport-specific, or even additional cardio.

What Our Members Are Saying

Michelle Johnston -
I joined because I was looking to get back into exercising after a long hiatus and wanted something different.

Teri Manzelli -
Join. It's as simple as that. Don't be intimidated, every person you meet in the gym has had their first day too. It's 100% worth it and will leave you wondering why you didn't join sooner.

James Koh -
It sounds so cliche, but the community and the coaching. I really enjoy the people around me when I workout and I love the challenge and results from the specialized programming and nutrition track that I follow from CrossFit The Rack.

Dino DeVirgilio -
I really enjoy the camaraderie through agony of the WOD.

Take Advantage of Our Ameneties

In Partnership with Gold's Gym Paramus.

Gold's Gym Ameneties - Lockers, Showers, Childcare, Juice Bar
Gold's Gym Lockers Showers Childcare Juice Bar
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