A new standard in Endurance Sports Training that utilizes the fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning, Interval training, and Stamina to enhance performance in Endurance competitions.

Our Endurance Program combines all 10 elements of conditioning/fitness along with (endurance) sports-specific programming to create an athlete that is more powerful, faster and can recover quicker.

The goal of this program is to redefine how endurance sports are trained for. Participation in this program is often individual as each athlete will have different events, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Programing is done on a weekly, monthly and annual basis depending on the sport being trained for. Included in this program is mobility work, strength training specific to your sport and conditioning that targets your cardiovascular energy systems. If appropriate this program may also include video analysis, running drills and cadence work.

Prior to participation in our Endurance Classes/Program we ask that all individuals complete either our Foundations Workshop.

This program involves a greater degree of personalization then our regular CrossFit classes and is therefore offered at a slight premium of $199/month. It is recommended that individuals participate in this program for at least 4 months in order to recognize their full potential.