Competition Prep

When it comes to the competitive side of CrossFit there are numerous events to participate in and more popping up everyday. While competing may not be for everyone we do offer two tracks for our Competition Prep Programming.


    This will be programming designed for athletes that wish to participate in competitions that stretch across two and three days. The pinnacle of such competitions would be the CrossFit Games Regionals, but such events may also include two day events like the Beast of the East, The PUMP Games or the Nor’easter. The emphasis for this type of programming will be on loading, movements and skills. The goal here would be to develop well rounded athletes.


    This will be programming designed for athletes that wish to participate in single day competitions. The pinnacle of such competitions would be the CrossFit Open which is a single day, if not single attempt type of event. Such events could also include one day events such as Festivus Games and No Baby Leave The Socks On. Although The Open stretches across five weeks and includes five workouts, each workout could in fact be looked upon as a single competition. For those looking to take The Open seriously this programming will hopefully help them earn a spot at Regionals and beyond. The emphasis of this programming will be on developing your metabolic conditioning since these competitions tend to focus on your engine. This does not mean that strength work will not be included. There is no question that strength training will make every athlete better.


Regardless of which programming option you decide is right for you the goal will more or less be the same. We want to develop your strength, conditioning, skills, mobility and mental game to the highest levels. We want to provide you with the tools to compete at anything, anywhere and at any level. This level of programming is for those individuals who are looking for the next level. The next level in their competitive aspirations or the next level in their fitness. Nutrition, competition strategy and mental approach will also be covered when and where appropriate.

If you would like more details on our Competition Prep Program please ask a coach for details. This program is offered as a premium membership and cost $220/month with a four month minimum commitment.