168th Bro Session

4 Sets for time with a partner:

Partner A) Run 800m

Partner B) AMRAP:

  • Round 1) Man Maker (50#/35#) https://youtu.be/iMNnvhg1JcM
  • Round 2) Curtis – P (95#/65#) https://youtu.be/uLff8fhPIQg
  • Round 3) Burpee – Pull up
  • Round 4) Devils Press (50#/35#) https://youtu.be/_-iCGodEZNo

*Once Partner A gets back, Partner A will then perform same AMRAP as Partner B and Partner B will go on the run. Once both partners have completed the run and the AMRAP, that round is done and partners can move to next round. (Both partners run and complete same movement before starting the next movement).

WOD DATE AND TIME: This Bro Session can be done during Open Gym (noon to 2pm) on Saturday 12/1.