Father’s Day Bro Session

Teams of 2

4K Row 

50x Burpee 

50x Box Step up   

3K Row 

40x Burpee 

40x Box Step up 

2K Row 

30x Burpee 

30x Box Step up 

1K Row 

20x Burpee 

20x Box Step up

*Rows get broken up in 250m chunks

**Burpees are synchronized

***Step-ups are 24” Bear Hugging a Medicine Ball

For all the dads and dads to be out there, we want to celebrate your special day with a fun partner workout followed by food, whiskey, beer and cigars. Grab your dad, a fellow father or just a buddy that might one day be a dad and invite him to workout with you. All are invited and welcome to join us. Please RSVP to coach Dan S for you and your partner. 

DATE AND TIME: Saturday 7/16 @ 12:30pm. Food, drinks and fun to follow immediately afterward.