Exercise Tips For When You’re On The Road

CrossFit, and by extension CFTR, is a lifestyle, not a weekend course. And if something is important to your health, mood, and well-being, you do it every day.

You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth while on vacation, right?

Of course not.

Same goes for exercise while traveling.

Find an excuse:
Most of us can find excuses not to work out. Our challenge to you?

Find an excuse to work out.
“Hey — anyone want coffee? I’m going to run down to that cool little place a few blocks over.”
“I’ll pack the car. Give me all those heavy suitcases.”
“I don’t like the arrangement of this hotel room. I think I’ll push the table over here. And maybe flip the mattress a few times.”
“We have an hour before Activity X starts. I’m going to go get some fresh air and visit Attraction Y while I’m in town.”

Think about it:
You’re already carrying something heavy.
You’re already moving somewhere else, usually quickly.
You’re already climbing stairs, walking around, or hauling stuff.

Sounds suspiciously like a workout, doesn’t it?

So let’s make sure you can still keep moving while you’re on the road.

Anticipate. Plan. Strategize:
Unless your travel plans involve Liam Neeson and an unexpected international vacation in the back of an unmarked van, most of the time you’ll know where you’re going and when. You’ll probably have a general sense of what you’ll be doing.


That’s all you need to start planning ahead before you go.

Bust out the Googles and get to work.

Find movement opportunities.

Find a hotel with a decent gym. Or look for nearby gyms. Many hotels have partnered with local fitness facilities and can offer you a reduced day rate.

Look for other activity-based attractions near you: parks, walking or cycling trails, etc.
Find things you can use for equipment — a tree branch or railing for pull-ups or rows, a bench to jump on, a hill or set of stairs to run up . . . you’re only limited by your imagination.

Find social connections:
Check Meetup.com for specific activities.

Ask your buddies via social media if anyone’s visited the area and can make recommendations.

Try being a “fitness tourist”. Is there someone you’ve always wanted to train with, or something you’ve wanted to do (e.g. hike Mount X, visit Westside Barbell, or swing some kettle bells at the Ice Chamber)? Now’s the time!

Find time:
Carve out time from your itinerary in advance (if possible) for your workout.

Especially if you’re traveling on business, nobody will give you that time.

You have to take it.

And look for ways to add short bursts of activity to your schedule. It all adds up.

Find your inner kid.

We’re often very serious when we travel, even if it’s for vacation. Find ways to play. Run on the beach. Swing on the swing set between pull-ups. Whatever it is, just get moving.

Get creative; get moving:
Even if it’s not perfect, you can always do something.

Keep it simple. Do the best you can with what you have. Have fun.

May we recommend Dance Walking?

Or perhaps a little outdoor Gangnam Style?