Active Recovery July 31st – August 6th

Active recovery focuses on completing a workout at a low intensity, but just high enough that it gets the blood moving and helps reduce residual fatigue in the muscle. On a recovery day, running at a low intensity for a short duration such as less than sixty minutes or riding for less than 75 minutes can help speed recovery. Besides running or riding, you can try out other activities for cross training. For endurance athletes looking to spice up their training, try out rock climbing, going for a walk in a park, cross-country skiing, or getting on the dreaded elliptical machine.

Going forward we at CFTR would like to offer a weekly active recovery WOD that can be done at your individual discretion. What does that mean? If you come in on Monday morning after a long, action packed weekend and you don’t feel you can go 100% all out then you can choose to do this week’s active recovery WOD. On the other hand, if you have come all week and gone all out perhaps you need a lighter intensity day on Thursday or Friday. In this case the active recovery WOD is perfect on one of those days. At the end of the day it is up to you the individual to determine when and where to implement the active recovery WOD of the week, if at all. All the coaches here at CFTR will gladly help you with this workout if you need help.

20 minutes for quality:
10m Crab Walk
10m Inchworm
10m Duck Walk // Samson Lunge // 30 sec Squat Hold
10 Ring Swings // Kip Swings on the Bar // Hollow Body Rocks
10 Push-ups with T-stabilization // T-stabilization // SB Plank hold for 20secs
30 sec Handstand Hold // Pike Hold // DB or KB Overhead Hold
2 Turkish Get-ups

Give it a try and see what you think!